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For example you dont have to use a fungicide or worry about when to prune. Since they do most of their growing early in the season a few applications of a systemic deer deterrent can greatly lessen the deer damage and the thicker leaved varieties are less attractive to slugs.

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This low-maintenance perennial has a sweet fragrance that attracts butterflies and hummingbirds too.

Low Maintenance Garden Flowers. Aeonium arboretum zwartkop Portulaca grandiflora. Purple Prince Butterfly Bush. But Im also about easy and simple.

Garden Phlox Phlox paniculata Bright Eyes. If deer and slugs did not love them so much they would be almost perfect. Also called periwinkle vinca minor is one of the most low maintenance flowering plants you could ever plant in your garden.

Hostas are extremely low-care perennials. Do watch out for slugs though as hostas tend to attract them. Succulents and cacti are great choices for a low-maintenance garden because they can tolerate hot temperatures and require minimal watering.

Here are 20 low-maintenance plants and shrubs that can beautify your garden without exerting yourself. Enter these low-maintenance flowers. Some favourites include Chalk Sticks Senecio vitals for their very stunning and unique greyblue colouring Pig Face Carpobrotus glaucescens for their fluorescent flower displays and Agave Agave attenuate for its rosette form and use for feature planting.

Consult with professional gardeners for the best type for your area. Requiring little water little soil nutrients and generally little care Succulents are great low maintenance plants. Heres a list of my favorite 10 flowers to plant for a lowmaintenance garden.

Remember too that if you plant it in a pot you can take it with you when you sell. Not everyone was born with a green thumb so it can be disappointing to plan out a garden only to have most of your plants not make it past three or four weeks before they begin to shrivel up and die. Dwarf Globe Blue Spruce.

Here are my favorite top 10 flowers for a low-maintenance. We know not everyone has the time or talents to maintain a flourishing flower bed year-round From evergreens to winter garden ideas and everything in between these plants give your. So sit back relax and let these perennials annuals and best plants for container gardening prosper on their own with a little bit of TLC of course.

Use a combination of shrubs including evergreens such as hebes osmanthus sarcococca and viburnums perhaps with some grasses then add perennials and ground cover plants to fill any gaps and keep weeds at bay. Instead select plants that look after themselves and only need attention once a year if at all. The Perfect Low-Maintenance Garden.

Marigolds are also pest-free flowers and so are great for planting in vegetable gardens to ward off potentially damaging insects. Replacing your garden plants so soon can not only be pretty costly but discouraging as well. Tips for Keeping your Flower Garden Low Maintenance.

The phlox loves sunlight and is also an excellent option for those looking to grow flowers in containers. Garden Phlox stands at about 18 inches tall and would suit almost any garden. This trailing variety is used as a ground cover to suppress weeds and.

From switchgrass and foutaingrass to feather red grass these low-maintenance additions will fit any garden style. Not only are the leaves detailed and colorful but the flowers that they spike attract hummingbirds and look lovely in the shade. Garden design ideas low maintenance Plants You Can Choose.

These plants create instant impact to upgr ade the garden and require minimal maintenance once established. Hardy to zones 3 through 8. Theyll do just the trick when youre looking for something like easy fast-growing vines that will make a mark in the backyard without a ton of work.

Simply plant in average garden soil and bait for slugs and snails or spray for deer and rabbits should those critters be a nuisance in your garden. These flowers not only give you a picturesque garden but you wont have to spend a lot of time taking care of them. The simple reason these low-maintenance flowers are easy fast-growing vines that will make a mark in the backyard without requiring a lot of your.

Whether youre a budding gardener or veteran floriculturist theres no shame in wanting to take the easy way out with your backyard foliageThats where these low-maintenance shrubs and bushes come in. For gardeners seeking lower maintenance plants hosta are a winner as they will continue to thrive getting steadily larger even without being divided. The first rule of thumb in creating a low maintenance flower garden is to keep it small.

They can handle infrequent watering too. These very-low-maintenance flowers prefer full sun and require just a touch of deadheading in order to bloom well into fall. If you dont have a lot of time to spend out in your garden but still want to enjoy beautiful flowers Ive got some ideas for you.

For beautiful foliage and a low maintenance plant hostas are a given. Im all about the flowers. Dont go crazy when youre picking out flowers stick with 3 or 4 groupings of 3 of the same perennial and then fill in with annuals.

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