Low Maintenance Plants Around Pool

Add drama and heat to pots and sunny spaces with these easy gorgeous agave plants. If it comes to selecting plants you have to understand what works best and what doesnt really work in any way.

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Formal Acmena Allyn Magic Agapanthus Buxus Camellia Carissa Desert Star Cuphea Euonymus Gardenia Loropetalum Murraya Michellia Photinia Star Jasmine Syzygium species Succulent all of them provided always that the drainage is excellent.

Low maintenance plants around pool. Sweep and clean the pool deck. Echeverias are succulent perennials from Mexico that feel to the touch like a cross between felt and velvet. 7 Make up for the loss of greenery by adding large planters of ornamental grasses.

These plants are wonderful for rock gardens and are drought tolerant. The best trees to plant around a pool include. In the right zones mostly southwestern they can be grown as shrubs reaching a height of up to 2 feet 60 cm with 4-inch-long leaves.

Some varieties like Zebra grass come in variegated colors and offer a good contrast to blue pool water. The low maintenance of day lilies wins out for us. Widely used in Tropical gardens the Philodendron is glossy green in colour with Frilly foliage.

Even needle-bearing evergreen trees can be among the messiest trees. Remove dead plants. 11 Cheap and Simple Pool Landscaping Ideas.

Rubber trees and some ficus along with umbrella tress are also warned against. Keep any low growing plants at least 6 to 8 feet from the edge of the pool Choose succulent plants such as yucca aloe or agave that are easy to grow in full sun and produce minimal debris Choose species with larger leaves as these will be less of a nuisance to deal with than small leaves. No watering no pruning no pest control just put your plant where you want it and enjoy the view.

Palms are a classic poolside plant instantly making a mild-climate garden feel tropical. Rake and mow your lawn. They would also be a nice addition to planters near your pool or spa mixed in with other succulents and some ornamental grasses for an attractive low-maintenance display.

Strive for low-maintenance plants. 8 Plant flowering shrubs instead of large arrangements of flowers. Add a few potted plants or shrubs to the area to add some extra color and vibrancy.

A few things to do before you start pool landscaping. They bring a softness to the design of your pool deck and are very low maintenance. There are various types of plants which can be flowering or non-flowering.

Succulents make great pool landscaping plants for a number of reasons. They are also good medicines and can also provide financial and economic opportunities. This easy pairing of Alexander palms Ptychosperma elegans and confederate jasmine Trachelospermum jasminoides in a garden in Miami USA looks lush and tropical but doesnt require much maintenance.

All you need to do is take a snip and plant it in a container or ground. Plant early mid and late summer bulbs so that you have color through out the summer. In this post we show 11 simple pool landscaping ideas that you can start using right now.

Perfect for pots or mass planting the Philodendron prefers light shade to sunny locations. Acacia Banana Citrus Evergreens arbor vitae cypress spruce Holly and Magnolia also evergreen Olive trees non fruit bearing Oleander actually a large bush and Windmill Palms hardy into areas of zone 6. Fake plants are versatile.

While most bananas are frost tender Musa basjoo is considered the hardiest. House Plants of Australias Plant of the Year in 1988 the Philodendron Xanadu is another tough low maintenance and versatile plant. For a tropical-modern palette consider massing philodendrons.

Fake plants are pest resistant. For instance you do not want large deciduous trees around a swimming pool as you will end up fishing all of those leaves out of the water. For example you can.

Artificial plants can be placed pretty much anywhere you like since they have no strict watering needs or sunlight requirements. Call for an estimate for your pool area 727-647-2386. Fake plants are low-maintenance.

Many people opt for these plants as they are easy to propagate. Provide intercept drains mound with sandy soils and allow them to dry out regularly. Tips for how to grow agave dozens of stunning varieties.

Xanadu is a dense but tender evergreen a low-spreading plant that clumps to three feet tall by five feet wide. Choose plants with larger leaves or long leaf grasses such as Liriope or Agapanthus. For instance they have diverse forms and exotic features that look beautiful and allow easy maintenance.

Agave aloe and yucca need little maintenance and are heat lovers that are easy to grow in full sun. Low Maintenance Landscaping around Pool 3. The Swimming Pool Spa Association recommends you do not plant bamboo near your pool or pool equipment.

Pull out any weeds in potted plants gardens or the grass. Plant day lily perennials around your pool for splashes of color. Some trees are renowned for having roots that get into pipes.

Small palms and cycads like sago palm bring a tropical look to poolside gardens. These low maintenance plants offer a lot of depth and movement around a pool and require little to no water. No invasive tree roots around the pool.

We prefer perennials to annuals even though annuals blossom for longer periods of time. Bananas are also greedy for water and love good compost as fertilizer. But plants must be chosen wisely.

Around the pool. Areca Palm good for privacy around pool areas. Areca Palm good for privacy around pool areas.

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